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Lance's TextBox July 2020 Entries
Reasons Why Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier
These days with coronavirus raging all around us, people are spending more time indoors. They’re having to find a host of new ways to keep themselves occupied. When it comes to thrilling online video games, the attitude of many adults in these times is nothing risked, nothing gained. Adults are joining in with teenagers and finding out that the games are an awesome diversion from all the concerns they have with the virus. Affordable entertainment These video games are always abuzz with activity and ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 22, 2020 4:42 PM

How to Resolve Tech Issues in the Workplace
There are a number of ways that a company can help fix their tech problems. It is not something that should be underestimated in general. Below are the best ways to resolve tech issues in the workspace.1. Hire an IT consulting companyOne of the easiest ways to help fix any tech problems is to hire the experts. There are a number of companies out there who manage the tech needs of any business out there, like managed IT services in Kansas City. Hiring a company like this will help you streamline your ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 8, 2020 1:45 PM

How to Give Employees an Office Space They’ll Love
Office trends may come and go but what doesn’t change is the impact office space has on employee health and wellbeing. To find and retain top talent, companies need to give employees the type of space where they can be most productive and experience less stress. Workplace design must take into account the general layout and other factors, such as comfort, emotional health, air, water, light, nourishment, and fitness. Carefully consider workplace designMost employees in the tech industry stay longer ......

Posted On Friday, July 3, 2020 2:25 PM

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