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I'm sitting here in Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Expo presentation entitled "What is Web 2.0: The Rules for Creating Successful Online Products in the 21st Century". 

He just said "We spend hundreds of billions on connecting systems together... You can connect all sorts of other data and systems together using RSS."  And RSS doesn't cost billions.  There's some simple math for ya.

Then he mentioned that one of his clients told him to take all the SOAP stuff out, and take the REST stuff out too.  "We want to use RSS - all of our client tools support RSS.  Almost everything can read an RSS feeds".

Yep.  If you expose your data as feeds, you can get to it from anywhere.  You can connect feeds in the cloud to feeds behind the firewall.  And with RSSBus, you can create feeds out of public or private data that is behind the firewall or out on the internet.

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