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Read 3 good books this month:

1) the Emotion Machine - by Marvin Minsky - postulates how emotional states are a mechanism for changing the priority weighting of our cognitive machinary in regards to goals and tasks. A fair bit of conjecture as opposed to experimentally backed up theorum, and some rehash of his previous work 'The Society of Mind'.

2) MultiAgent Systems - Wooldridge - design of distributed workflow services that have different goals and tasks, and often which must compete , communcate and coordinate. Alot of different ideas on modal logic, game theory and auctions. Alot of the communication protocols are redundant with WCF. strangely, no mention of probabibilistic models.

3) Programming the Universe - Seth Loyd - a fascinating introduction to the science of quantum computing. unlike PLINQ where parallel threads must run tasks that doent interfere with each others resources, quantum computing is actually optimized for massively parallel tasks that contain side effects! Eg searching for the 2 prime factors that make up a public encryption key. Postulates the universe may be a quntum computer computing itself - 'it from bit'.

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These are really great books to read. I'll check on these reading materials. - Marla Ahlgrimm
Left by Shane Michaels on Dec 22, 2016 6:15 AM

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