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I just thought I would post this to help people out because I've been asked by a friend how to do it in CodeBreeze.  There might be a better way, but I'll post a way I've done it.  Let's assume you have a target tag called "Parent" in which you wanted to get a recursive list of parents in relation to a specific business entity.

On my TemplateHelper class code behind file that inherits from CodeBreezeTemplateBase, I implement a property called ParentList and a method called GetParentList

private List<string> _parentList = null;

public List<string> ParentList




if(_parentList == null)


_parentList = new List<string>();


return _parentList;




_parentList = value;


public void GetParentList(CodeBreeze.Business.BusinessEntity entity, CodeBreeze.Business.Project project)


string parent = entity.Tags["Parent"].Value;




CodeBreeze.Business.BusinessEntity parentEntity = project.BusinessEntities.FindByEntity(parent);

GetParentList(parentEntity, project);



I pass in the CodeBreeze.Business.Project in the method to access the FindByEntity method which normally gets access by passing in the _ActionTarget which is merely a string.

In the code template, I access the list like so:


GetParentList(entity, _Project);

ParentList.ForEach( delegate(string parent)

{ %>

<%= parent %>



ParentList = null;


There may be a better implementation, but I figure this may help other people.

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