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Today I received an email advising me “Congratulations! You have been selected for the Network Solutions Gold VIP Program” Now I get a bunch of messages from Network Solutions because a long time ago I chose them as my registrar. I usually just save these to my Outlook Network Solutions folder and move on.

This time my wife was in the room and I chuckled and said something about “Network Solutions has made me a Gold VIP member.” She said “So what does that mean?” Prompted by that I scrolled down the page to look at my “perks". Let’s see – Special pricing, 1 year free Web Forwarding, 1 hour of free support… etc etc until I hit “Enrollment in SafeRenew*

SafeRenew* simplifies your renewal process. It protects your domain name registrations and corresponding services in the event you forget or are unable to renew on time.

I’m thinking “Now ain’t that neat” I don’t use auto renew anyway and never have. Then I continued reading:

Beginning June 24th, 2012 your domains* (that’s 10 days away) will automatically renew. To ensure continuation of service, please be certain you have a valid credit card on file. If you do not wish for your services to be automatically renewed, please click here to log into account manager and opt out of the SafeRenew service.

Whoa Network Solutions is going to start spending my money without so much as a by your leave sir!!! I don’t bloody think so and how truly magnanimous of them I can “click here” to opt out of what I didn’t opt in for. Talk about furious! I still am.

Now the kicker is: if my wife hadn’t been curious and if I’d had a working credit card on file I wouldn’t have know this until one of my unwanted domain names auto renewed. Of course I was told “Oh – we’d have refunded your money” to which I say bull. In my view Networks Solutions is guilty of a crime of some sort. They DO NOT have a right to spend my money without asking!!!!! So watch out folks.

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Yes indeed. Had my card not be changed by our bank I would have been automatically charged for renewals. I started getting emails that my renewals failed 3 months ago even though I had never had an auto renewal before either. Then to cancel it, you have to call, which bothered me.

I eventually did call and I will give credit to the rep on the phone, she was extremely pleasant and intelligent and helpful, so that experience was far superior to what I was anticipating. Was it luck of the draw or do they have a lot of reps this good? I have no way of knowing.
Left by ERIC on Jun 28, 2012 9:29 AM

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I want to commend my Gold VIP tech / Jennifer for the stellar service she provided on my recent service complaint call to your company based on my company email internet services issues.
Jennifer is a credit to the Network Solution Gold VIP team / program - she speaks English and cares about her customers - finally a company that walks the talk employing folks who know their jobs. Kudos to the management and training staff!!
Respectfully, Fred - Owner Utility Professional Services, Inc.
Left by Frederic N. Howe, III on Aug 13, 2012 11:43 AM

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What does this have to do with the thread. Network Solutions is a registrar and they don't get to spend my money without asking!!!!!
Left by Bud Aaron on Aug 13, 2012 1:15 PM

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Good to know. I recently was offered the service by / apparently a sister company. I wouldn't touch any of them for Professional hosting services. They are geared to service amatuers and the cost of support is built into their pricing for sure. Our big issue is their account managment interface. I think it's confusing on purpose so you just say to hell with any changes and pay the autorenew.

That being said, check out Bluehost. Normal accounts are around $60 a year, unlimited space, bandwith andd so on. No charge for email accounts on the domain and it works! Screw Tech support, make it so it is not necessary.
Left by Eugene Grant-Sinclair on Jan 07, 2014 9:47 AM

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