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One of the new features of Silverlight 4 is the new PathListBox Control. This control is basically a Listbox control which takes the layout of a shape that you want, so we can represent our data as we want without limits.


So we are ready to open the new Microsoft Blend 4 Beta. First of all, we are going to create a new Silverlight Data Driven Application (MVVM) project.

New Silverlight MVVM Project


Open the main view (MainView.xaml), you can find it at Views folder, and look for the new control.

PathListBox Control


Once you add the PathListbox Control to the main layout of the MainView.xaml, we will add a Line Shape. Now, we are in the main step. Set the LayoutPaths property of the PathListbox control with the line shape that is just created.

Set Laout Paths


Finally, set the ItemsSource property of the PathListbox control. We are going to use a mock object collection from the main view model. I have created the object collection on the main view model created by the Silverlight MVVM project template.

New Collection


This is the result. We can improve it with some animations, other shapes. This a very basic use of the PathListbox but using your imagination you can do very cool things.




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