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Postal was revered in many countries because of it’s inherent ability to tick off people by going over the line with overly inappropriate ‘jokes’.  Of course, our good friend Mr. Uwe Boll thought it a good idea to make a movie based on a game where random killing is built-in.

Oddly though, the movie isn’t half bad.  The movie actually is a relatively good representation of what the game is.  Essentially the main character (known only as ‘The Postal Dude’) gets so annoyed with the little things of everyday life always dumping on him that he begins to take the law into his own hands and get rid of whoever and whatever stands in his way.  Generally throughout the movie Postal Dude (portrayed by Zack Ward) has his reasons for ‘going postal’ which is something Boll got right, if the movie was Ward running around killing for no reason it would get old really fast.  Sometimes this happens where some little thing provokes overly gratuitous violence and is an extreme turn off (I’m looking at you scene with the cop and Chinese woman).

The story of the movie follows numerous groups of people trying to get their hands on the rare Krotchy Dolls, a cartoon-based doll shaped like a male private area.  Postal Dude’s uncle, Uncle Dave (Dave Foley), and his religious cult are in trouble with the IRS and plan to steal the dolls, sell them on the internet, and make a profit.  Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda have fitted the dolls with the Avian flu virus and plan to release the chemical on the US population.  Dave Foley is funny as the hypocrite Uncle Dave, but ultimately ineffective as some scenes find him almost in a drug-induced daze of confusion while others find him as that ‘always there’ uncle.  He’s playing two ends of a very broad spectrum.  As a side character he doesn’t stand up to the great Larry Thomas as Osama Bin Laden.  Now, I typically cannot stand actors poorly portraying real-life people but this rendition of Osama almost always hits the funny bone.  Calling George W. Bush up on the phone isn’t very funny, but whining and calling him ‘Georgie’ is hilarious.  He really blew the expectation for that character out of the water.

Another thing the movie really hits well is the idea of these different extremist groups littered throughout Paradise (the city the movie takes place in).  There are loads of different groups (terrorist cells, religious fanatics, unruly mob) and all are portrayed over-the-top in the style the game would (and has) portrayed them.  Once you see the involvement of these groups and have played the games you really see Boll’s understanding of that aspect of the game.

Unfortunately not all is funny and good (it IS a Boll movie).  Some portions, as alluded to above, are completely unnecessary and try to pull off what I call Boll Humor.  For example, Verne Troyer plays himself and by some twist of fate it’s written that in order for the impending apocalypse to happen, he must be raped by 1000 monkeys.  And so, he’s thrown into a large cavern that just happens to hold such a number of primates.  The joke is ineffective and in poor taste.  Another of these jokes is the section where Boll himself (playing himself) talks to the crowd saying his movies are funded by Nazi gold.  Soon after the creator of the Postal games appears and tackles him.  Ineffective.  Not to mention the shootout scene soon after where the only victims are small children (INEFFECTIVE).

Really, Postal is a mediocre movie, but definitely Boll’s best game to film work to date.  The casting and direction is not bad, but the writing and Boll Humor drag it down.  If those cheesy, unfunny, and unnecessary portions were taken out I think the movie would eventually be much more solid and well rounded.  Worth a rental or a watch on TV.

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