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This post goes along with this previous post on calendar extender display issues. However the formatting fix I used was much less involved than before. Again I had a GridView with some text boxes for dates that I added the CalendarExtender to. And just like before the GridView had some CSS specific to it’s td which involved padding and text alignment.

I added all the CalendarExtender styles to my css file and the extender worked fine but did not look quite right. The current date listing was quite a bit lower than it should be and the back/forward arrows for the months (up at the top) where set farther outside than they should be. While it worked and looked kind of right I knew the folks who would be using this application would not be OK with it.

So I came up with this. I used the RowStyle-Height property of the GridView to “pad” the cells top and bottom. Since the right and left padding was already OK there was not any reason to have any padding styles setup in my css file for the GridView’s td. The only item I left was the text-align: center. With no padding in the css I no longer needed to have any of the CalendarExtender items in my css file at all.

This made it much easier, essentially all I needed to do was adjust the RowStyle-Height to give the rows some space between each other and the grid looked good.

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