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August 2010 Entries

Hey folks, Recently, TellagoStudios released our first product SO-Aware and now there are couple of episodes discussing the architecture and different capabilities of SO-Aware available to view on Channel9. You can check out the videos and please send us some feedback about the product and also you can download the Express Edition of and product for free. Meet SO-Aware Part1 on Channel9. Meet SO-Aware Part2 on Channel9. Thanks and Happy SO-Awaring...!!! -Vishal Mody ......

Hi there folks, I have created few more ESB Itineraries samples which uses the SO-Aware ESB Resolver for different kinds of scenarios. Scenarios like: 1. Two Way Itinerary : Msg In -- Transform -- Route -- ReqestResponse WCF Svc (Registed in SoAware) -- Transform -- Route -- Destination WCF Service (Registered in SoAware). 2. One Way Routing: Msg in -- Resolve Routing parameters -- WCF Service (Registered in SOAware) Thanks and Happy SO-Awaring with ESB and BizTalk. ;-) -Vishal Mody ......

Hey, Windows Azure and SQL Azure is free for one month. Unfortunately, its only for US Developers. But anyways, good news for US folks though. Also Microsoft is offering free phone, chat and email support through their Front Runner for Windows Azure Program. Windows Azure One Month Pass USA. Happy Azuring..... -Vishal Mody ......

Hey folks, Recently, Tellago Studios released its first product SO-Aware, A WCF RESTful Service Metadata Repository. Now talking about WCF Services and how can we forget them being used extensively by BizTalk Server. Let’s check it out with a simple scenario. Say you are using SO-Aware as a central repository for all your Web Services. Some of those services are also integrated with BizTalk. Now on one hand you have a central repository for your services and your life is going smooth but when it ......