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Can't Start NiFi from Ambari, How do I spin up NiFi service in Hortonworks sandbox?

If you've followed the instructions to spin-up NiFi from Ambari, however, the service still does not appear to have started up (read: Ambari shows the service as "red" or stopped; the http URL does not bring up the canvas) follow these steps from the root account:

1. Go to the NiFi install directory (usually under /opt)
2. Find the shell script to run it and execute it with the install switch. ( ./nifi-x.x.x/bin/ install)
3. Type:  service nifi start

Ambari will still show NiFi as down, however, you will be able to work with the canvas from the URL.

If you don't have NiFi installed at all (just do a find in Linux for follow these steps:
*Note:  At some point the Georgia Tech URL may no longer be a donor spot--and of course, the version number will be different. Look for the version of NiFi on one of the available sources ahead of time and replace what's on line 3 with that.

1. sudo su && yum install -y git wget 2. cd /opt 3. wget 4. tar -xzvf ./nifi-1.1.2-bin.tar.gz 5. nifi-1.1.2/bin/ install 6. service nifi start

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