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How do I edit the registry in windows?

Please do NOT edit the registry without backing it up first, the results could be disasterous! Step 1: Back up the registry in Windows XP as follows: a. Go to Start>Run then type %SystemRoot%\system32\resto... Click OK. b. On the System Restore page, click "Create a restore point". Click Next . c. On the Create a Restore Point page, type a name for the restore point you will remember. Click Create d. Once created, click Close. NOTE: If the restore is turned off, you will see a message ......

How do I Debug my SQL Server Stored Procedures?

If you don't have the Visual Studio IDE to work with, you can go the old fashioned route with issuing PRINT statements. If you do have the Visual Studio IDE available, execute the following steps: open visual studio navigate to server explorer create/open a connection to your database right click on the stored proc you want to work with and choose "Step into stored procedure" For more details, or for a more visual example with the instructions, navigate to this url: ......