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How do I select a value from a table into a variable in SQL Server?

Here's an example...


SELECT @LocID = LocationID
 FROM Locations
  WHERE LocationName = 'WAREHOUSE X'

Why do I get the error: "General failure. The URL was: [http text]. The system cannot find file specified" When I click a link from an Outlook Message?

In a nutshell, this is a FireFox last release issue. If Internet Explorer is not your default browser, go into the internet options page (under the gear icon in IE 7) , then go to the programs tab. Click on the 'Make Default' button, then 'Apply'. Try clicking on the link from your email message again. The message should now be gone. Raymond @ has a GREAT detailed blog entry on this issue explaining all of the reasons and conditions. ......

Does SQL server have an encryption function?

Yes. The functions are PWENCRYPT and PWCOMPARE. This basically allows the ability to encrypt a value on an insert/update and offer a comparison of the value on a select. There isn't a decryption function available. Here are a few T-SQL statements to illustrate how pwencrypt/pwcompare work: create table #MetroTest ( UserLogIn varchar(10), UserPass nvarchar(256) ) insert #MetroTest (UserLogIn,UserPass) values ( 'MaryMary', PWDENCRYPT('QuiteContrary')) select UserLogIn, password = 'QuiteContrary', PWDCOMPARE('QuiteContrary', ......

Why does my BlackBerry Storm keep shutting off?

The most likely answer if you are in the USA is that you have your network setting set to "Global". Set it to "1XEV" -- pretty much most metro areas in the USA can default to that setting without the same struggle. To do this, follow these steps: Go to options (wrench icon) Go to Mobile Network There are 3 settings; mobile network, network selection mode and network technology. If the button for Network Technology says Global or GSM/UMTS -- select 1XEV. Recycle the device. This should clear up the ......

How can I stop calls going into "Mute" or "Speaker" mode when I'm on a BlackBerry Storm?

If you are an animated person when speaking on the phone, you've no doubt  inadvertantly tapped the touch pad with your cheek or chin. There is a SUPER 3rd party utility called:  TalkLock from Cellavant. I installed this on my device and have been grateful ever since!