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Why do EDI permissions fail in BizTalk?

I am getting the message: "Unable to set permissions on the shared documents home folder"

This is probably happening because the needed membership in the security groups for EDI/SQL roles aren't set up all the way through, it is likely some of it is set up already and some of it isn't -- so when your bts service account is trying to execute EDI, you see this sort of error.

To correct this, try these quick few steps first. If all else fails, Microsoft has an online reference:

II. Check Permissions on Receive and Send Folders (READ: not the likely cause for this particular error, but best to be sure this is setup right anyway)

1. In windows explorer, right-click on your site's EDI Receive folder location.
2. Make sure service account for bts host has FULL CONTROL permissions.
3. Make sure that the other user groups that dump files there have WRITE permissions.
4. In windows explorer, right-click on your site's EDI Send folder location.
5. Make sure the service account for bts host have WRITE permissions.
6. Make sure that the other user groups have READ permissions.

II. Check to be sure the user account which the EDI service is running with is in the BTS_HOST_USERS sql role (READ: A good candidate for resolving this particular error message)

1. Connect to the database instance your bts server points to in SQL manager.
2. Look at the BizTalkMgmtDb security settings for Roles.
3. Look under Database Roles, then right-click BTS_HOST_USERS. Click on Properties.
4. Once there, look for the EDI Subsystem. If not there, click Add and then click the EDI sub-sytem users and add it.

NOTE: If there isn't and EDI sub-system user to add, it do the following:
            a. Go to Users, click New Database user.
            b. right-click Users. click New Database User.
            c. in drop-down, select EDI subsytem users group

III. Check to be sure the BTS service account is in the EDI Subsystem Users Group (READ: Another good candidate, although likely to resolve a more dramatic EDI error!  )

1. Go to Active Directory. Go to Users.
2. Double click on EDI Subsystem Users group and display properties.
3. Click on Memebers.
4. If BTS service account isn't there, click on Add. Add the BTS service account user.

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