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Hey all.  I wanted to let you know that I am going to be interviewing Sara J Chipps (of tomorrow at 7am.  We will be discussing all sorts of programmer goodness from making your personal projects a reality (such as Sara’s project), agile development, commenting your code, and your responsibility as a developer to the next person reading your code.  We will also be looking at jQuery, asynchronous processes, and architecting for speed and scalability.  And of course, being that we are talking with a …or “THE”… girl developer we will also touch upon what it is like to be a lady working in mostly male dominated industry.

Send in your questions and comments!

If you have any questions for Sara prior to the interview or during it please twitter your question my way and include #DNetRadio in your post. 

You can also record an audio file and email it to All you need is a telephone! Call (646) 200-0000, talk, then navigate to to retrieve your recording. Then send it my way!

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