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The ASP.NET MVC framework was just released as a preview when I started to write my first book (ASP.NET 3.5 Social Networking).  In the early days of design decisions for my book I was faced with the problem of building with the MVP pattern or the new MVC pattern/framework.  At that time there was next to nothing regarding the use of  the ASP.NET MVC framework (proper or improper). 

Shortly after I got started with my project (which I chose to do in MVP) I was asked to do a review for the ASP.NET MVC in Action book.  I gladly accepted and started to read as Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman, and Jimmy Bogard explored the world of ASP.NET MVC offerings.  I thought that they did a very good job of describing how Microsoft meant you to use the new framework and a better job of describing how to break beyond the limitations of the current offerings.  They go above and beyond to describe best practices early on.

ASP.NET MVC in Action

I must say that this is one of the few books that I have ever read cover to cover so many times!  With each review of the book I went through each chapter to find any updates.  As this book was being written several new CTP’s of the ASP.NET MVC framework were released.  With each of the CTP releases came a new rendering of the book.  It was quite fun to see how quickly things changed over the year that this book was written.

Finally having the final review in my hands and being so very familiar with it’s content, I have to say that of all the books on the ASP.NET MVC framework the ASP.NET MVC in Action book should be at the top of your list for things to purchase in the upcoming months.  At a quick glance this book covers all things relating to ASP.NET MVC and then some.  This book is not just a regurgitation of MSDN or other resource as so many books are these days.  Here are the chapter titles for this book:

  1. Getting started with the ASP.NET MVC Framework
  2. The Model in depth
  3. The Controller in depth
  4. Views in depth
  5. Routing
  6. Customizing and extending the ASP.NET MVC Framework
  7. Scaling the architecture to more complex sites
  8. Leveraging existing ASP.NET features
  9. AJAX in ASP.NET MVC (which includes coverage of jQuery!)
  10. Hosting and Deployment
  11. Exploring MonoRail and Ruby on Rails
  12. Best Practices
  13. Recipes

As you can clearly see from the above this is more than just the XYZ of ASP.NET MVC.  I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in breaking away from the pains of ASP.NET WebForms.  This framework, especially with the help of this new book, makes programming for the web fun again!


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