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I have installed CCTray which monitors the status of our automated builds and code base by way of CruiseControl.  It lets you know if the code base is dirty or clean which allows you to know whether or not you should get the latest from the repository or not.  Great tool!  Even better the tool allows you to plug in sounds for the various states that the repository can be in:  Successful build, fixed build, broken build, or a still failing build.

When my computer senses a successful build it plays a sound from "the army of darkness" - "well hello mister fancy pants!".  A military cult classic clip.

Every time the build is broken my computer plays a sound from "full metal jacket" with Lee Ermey saying "what is your major malfunction numb nuts!??".  Not a big deal really.  Lets me remember my early Army days!

And when that broken build is fixed my computer utters Lee Ermey with "what have we got here? a fucking comedian!".  Starting to see a theme here?

But when the build is considered "still broken" each time someone tries to fix a broken build it plays a different sound by Lee Ermey saying "you had best un-fuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!!!!".

In the many months that I have been working at Callaway I have never heard this sound played (as we like to keep the build stable!).  Lately though we have had issues with our build server and various services surrounding the build process...and just recently it seems like someone is trying to get the build working again.  So this "still broken" sound is playing really loud out of my (home) office. 

So - all of my kids are yelling and screaming and having a good time in the hall outside of my office.  Then the sound plays.  The house goes quiet for a second.  Then someone says...

"...did you hear that man?  He said he was gonna shit down your neck!...."

Then lots of laughing and everyone running about saying that they are going to shit down each others neck.

I love my 6 monsters! Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2007 6:44 PM Automated Builds , Funny , My Monsters | Back to top

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