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Programming and Learning from SD

We had a new project manager start and she asked me to send her some information and links that I had come across. I dug through my emails and found some good ones. This is an update to my previous post in 2014, so check that one as well for other links.

We did a book study on Specification By Example. The intro/preface will give you an idea if you think it’s worth reading further. He talks about Acceptance Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, agile acceptance and how they all have a common thread. So he introduces some common language suggestions under Specification by example." and there are some copies lying around. I have one myself. We didn't really figure out how to implement it, but I'm still thinking about it and working how to use SpecFlow, get reports and integrate it into a project. I think the ideas are solid and they solve a real problem.

Microsoft Related

Brian Hardy talks about Visual Studio Team Services, sprints, and Microsoft moving from waterfall.

There is a lot of good information in here about their move to Agile. I think it has helped them immensely as an organization.

Part 1

Part 2


DotNetRocks episode: Battling Technical Debt while Keeping the Lights On with Jim Holmes


ALM Rangers


Spotify - Engineering Culture

Great insights into how a successful company organizes teams and approached development.

Part 1
Part 2

Follow up video from a friend that I shared the Spotify videos with: about what motivates people.

Ditching Scrum for Kanban — The best decision we’ve made as a team – insight into why one team chose Kanban over Scrum

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