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Thanks to Brian Hurst and Microsoft for the fantastic Ken Schwaber/Richard Hundhausen talk at the Reston, Virginia Microsoft facilities in April.

It was refreshing to see Ken Schwaber take a fundamentally different approach to "the Scrum talk".  He focused on the body of software development research, and how the results of this research leads us towards certain sounds practices - which are also tenants of Scrum. 

I will blog more about some of the key points I took away from the talk, but for now here are the videos & slides.  Let me warn you: the sound quality on the video is poor.  But for serious Scrum students I think you will find that Ken's talk is worth it:


(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)


(Click on the link for "Ken Schwaber's Slides", then "Download" for the PDF)

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