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I don’t know a member on that is not frustrated with the amount of spam they get. It is a major problem that we have been dealing with for 6+ years and trying to come up with new ways to fight. As spammers get smarter, we have to continue to upgrade the tools we use to combat it. Just like any spam filter, sometimes good comments will get caught up. This has been a huge concern for some bloggers causing us to tame what we call spam and not spam.

So this post is here just to state we know the spam problem is like a wave, sometimes it is not so bad, other times it gets worse. Right now it is worse. One measure we will take is a requirement for CAPTCHA soon if it continues since most members don’t clean up their spam via the admin tools (which are not the best tools, I know). Also I want to solicit a better approach from the members, what would you like the spam interface on GWB to be like? Be realistic cause we all want “Zero Spam, Good Comment live”.

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I actually don't have any complaints about the spam admin tools. I set all my comments that come to my email account to filter into a separate label and then review them once a day. One click to get to the comment and another to remove isn't bad based on the volume of comments that I get.

Thanks for taking care of this.
Left by Scott Kuhl on Mar 15, 2010 8:52 AM

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