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One problem that I have seen on Geekswithblogs is the reposting of items in aggregators when something isn't actually reposted. Usually it is a bulk of posts and not single posts. It is something that I can not place an exact problem on. I have saved feeds and compared then to previous versions to see if WinDiff could find a change with no luck. The only other thing that could cause it would be HTTP compression and the way aggregators are uncompressing and comparing. Since I need to run more tests on this situation, I am turning off compression to see if that solves the problem. If anyone sees this issue continue, please comment here and I will look into it with more detail. I am hoping we can fix this before the new system just to stablize this one for the remaining time we use it.

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I get this all the time, but not on the main feed.

I get it most often on the feed for Blogus Maximus ( and just recently I got it on a recently-subscribed feed for Scott Kuhl (

Here's the only thing I can determine from the dups: They have different URLS. "" vs "" vs ""

And typically, I'll get a flood of old posts about 10 or 12 at a time (presumably it matches the # of postings configured on the blogger's main page).

Here's an older example from Chris' blog that actually shows three separate feeds (copied from my aggregator, Omea Reader 2.0):

(Post title is Google Talk, from 8/24/2005)

initial impressions... favorable.
Not overloaded with stupid features and bombing me with popup garbage like AOL IM.

Haven't tried the VOIP yet, but I will be soon.

very lightweight client. I like it.

Identical article feeds arrived later with alternate feed URLs of:

Hope this helps.

(Getting a blog any day now.)

Grr.... hate the exclusion of links in comments. I understand it because of blogspam, but, it sure makes it hard to communicate....

Edit: snipped the http // thing, lets see if this helps.
Left by BradC on Nov 02, 2005 7:04 PM

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