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Well, it looks like I missed another deadline; so much for the every Friday thing.  Regrettably, I also missed the Orlando Code Camp this weekend. The schedule looked really good.  They had a full schedule so I am sure it went GREAT!  I believe that there are several more coming up so make sure you check out the event schedules at one of these sites:


Joe Healy’s Site:                 ,

Russ’ Tool Shed                  

Tom Fullers’ SOA Pit Stop 

Sarasota Developers Group,


All of these sites have some excellent links to other sites, as well as, some extremely decent developer Blogs.  Speaking of Blogs, this one is usually one my top ten list  For those that do not know David, he is a Microsoft MVP on C# and contributes to a couple of Blogs while developing and being a work at home Dad!  Unbelievable!  So, if you can check out this Blog also


All of the above were presenters at the Orlando Code Camp so check at these sites for any info on the event.


Well, I can’t close this without some kind of soap box entry sooo…


So, it is Tax time too.  A lot of us think about charitable contributions at tax time since they are deductible, BUT how many think about doing some of what we all love to do for charity, development and coding.  What I mean is have you volunteered your development time and experience lately?  There are many groups dedicated to helping out non-profit and charitable organizations.  If you have not considered volunteering, it is a great way to get experience on differing platforms and applications, while giving back to others.  One such site is:  Check it out and give it a chance.  For those seeking fame and rewards for doing the right thing, another cool site is  all you have to do is contribute time and effort to your development community.

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There is also a Code Camp coming up in South Carolina later this year. Two days of Developer Geeky Goodness. You can see it at the link on my name.
Left by Chris Williams on Mar 28, 2006 9:40 AM

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